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Aram Rasa Taghavi
Aram Taghavi-Founder@Flow Apps. Excitedly living the boring life in perpetual flow.
Pivots to a Meaningful Life:
How Habits and Uncertainty Revealed My Entrepreneurial Calling

For years, I’d read of artists and entrepreneurs who found their “callings,” but never understood the power behind their visions until I had one myself. That finally happened eight months ago as I was exploring my third idea, l…

Best Damn Art Blog
Find me on for more original content related to #streetart.
I've got 10 tips for aspiring art collectors out there...

I wrote this post on my blog earlier this month, but while browsing my usual set of art forums, I ran into a thread about advice for new collectors and thought I would share a short version of it here.  If you've ever wanted to collect art but thought "nah", then I'm here to tell you that there's…